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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Who we are

Here at TheBossifieds, we’re big believers in self-empowerment. What does that mean? We believe that YOU should believe in YOU.

Everybody has marketable skills, but not everybody wants to get a 9-to-5 job (also, how much tidying up of that resume can you realistically do?). In 2017, with the the Gig or Sharing Economy, there is a way to earn for everybody.

And look, we know all about ‘Get Rich’ or ‘Make Money Online’ schemes and scams. They’re bullsh*t. This is not that. You’ve heard of Uber, you know about Airbnb – but do you know there are literally dozens of other companies that allow you to market your OWN skills for money on YOUR schedule?

You like to write? We got that.
You like to walk? You can get paid for that.
Want to tutor? Cha-ching.
What about working with the elderly? On your own schedule, you can do it.
How about “I don’t want to work, I have AdHd and I just want to run around all day” – yep, you can get paid for doing random tasks, too.

TheBossifieds has you covered. We know you want to earn your way, and this site is a resource for all of the ways you can earn money. On your schedule. With your skills. And no resume.

Think Like a Boss, Earn Like a Boss.