Experian Boost Raised My FICO Score 47 Points

Here Is a Simple Way to Raise Your FICO® Score Overnight

A good credit score is often the gatekeeper to better financial opportunities. Unfortunately, more than 100 million Americans don’t have access to credit today, either because their credit scores are too low or because they don’t have enough credit history. In fact, people receiving a boost instantly raise their FICO® Score by an average of 13 points with Experian Boost™.

Instantly raise your FICO® Score for free

You should try this free service from Experian®. Raise your FICO® Score instantly. It’s this easy. Experian Boost enables consumers who have been making utility, telecom, streaming and rent payments on time to factor those payments into their Experian credit file and, for most, instantly improve their credit scores. Using the feature is free—it’s a benefit included in a free Experian membership, which also includes access to your Experian credit report and FICO® Score

Get credit for the bills you already pay:

  • Mobile and landline phone
  • Internet
  • Cable and satellite
  • Gas and electricity
  • Residential rent with online payments
  • Video streaming services
  • Water
  • Power and solar
  • Trash

This process is super simple. Start by Signing up for Experian Boost is easy. Experian will search for any qualifying on-time payments. Once you verify that you want to add the accounts to your credit file, your credit scores will be calculated using the newly added payment information. The process is simple, and if you receive a boost, you’ll see your FICO® Score increase in just a few minutes.

Use Experian Boost® to get credit for the bills you already pay like utilities, mobile phone, video streaming services and now rent.

4 Reason Why You Should Sign Up For Experian Boost

  1. Raise your credit score with your current bills
  2. Access your free Experian credit report and FICO® Score
  3. Get Experian credit monitoring and alerts