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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

You Are Your Own Boss, Literally

I was tired of ‘make money at home’ or ‘Work for yourself’ schemes that required either selling my soul or opening up my wallet (I mean, how does that work anyway? I pay you in order to earn money? Bogus! How did I fall for that, ugh.)

What I found out was that I can earn real money doing real things with what I already have.

Here is something important to keep in mind: Everyone has valuable skills.  In this days and age, it doesn’t hurt to have some extra income.

I remembered that working for somebody else is a fine way to make ends meet, but working for myself is the only way I can control my income, and honestly, start saving cash to do what I really want to do.

TheBossifieds shows you how to use what you already have, the skills you already know, to make money on your owntime.

Are you going to get rich? Probably not. But you can bust your a*s and make more money than you are making right now. And that’s a fact.

Is TheBossifieds some hair-brained scheme?

No. In fact, TheBossifieds has some ideas you’ve already thought about and shows you how these are realistic options to start making your own money on your own time. Uber, AirBnB, DoorDash, TaskRabbit – these are all companies you’re familiar with, and have probably even used. No phony baloney, no “sign up for $59.99,” just real opportunities.

And maybe you’ve thought about driving for Lyft but just didn’t want to have to tell your parents; maybe you were worried about picking up a ride and lo and behold it’s your ex-girlfriend. Well guess what? You sit in traffic every day anyway. Why not get paid for it? This is TheBossifieds mentality.

You can start doing the math in your head – $50 for three hours of driving Lyft, $300 in a weekend to rent out your garage through Airbnb, $40 to go wait in line for somebody on TaskRabbit. How about a quick $20 to go walk a dog in your own neighborhood while you’re waiting for that Chinese you ordered to get delivered?

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Back to the story…

Looking for a job is a noble pursuit, but it can only pay your rent and expenses and put you right back on the hamster wheel. That’s where TheBossifieds comes in.

You might have a friend, or have driven in an Uber, with somebody that says that they’re making hundreds of dollars per day with their side hustle. This isn’t fantasy. We have bank statements and screenshots to prove it.

Some of these people embrace TheBossified mentality so eagerly, and are so proactive, that they’ve saved for tropical vacations, new cars, even houses. I’m not kidding. The formula is pretty obvious when you think about it, but it takes that first layer of the onion to be peeled off to really realize how attainable your goals really are.  Being a Boss is a state of mind.   Trust, the content we create is informative, fun, and uplifting!

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