Looking to score some birthday treats? I’ll take that as a YES! You’re in luck. Baskin-Robbins, Cold Stone Creamery, Dairy Queen, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Panera Bread are just some of the places that offer free gifts or promotions today, your special day.


Baskin-Robbins will give you a complimentary scoop of ice cream to celebrate you, and one more year that you grace us with your glowing presence. Mmmmmmmm.

Cold Stone

Cold Stone Creamery offers you a free ice cream creation of your choice as a birthday treat. Yeah! Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.

Dairy Queen

Mark your birthday at Dairy Queen! They will give you a free Blizzard, a delicious soft-serve treat mixed with your choice of toppings. Can’t wait for my birthday! mmmmmmmmmmm

Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts provides a free birthday drink for their customers! Coffee, Latte, or any other beverage of your choice. What are you in the mood for? Sip, Enjoy, Smile. It’s your day!

Panera Bread

Panera Bread offers a free pastry or sweet item as a birthday gift, making April 27th the most delicious day of the year!

There are many places that offer free gifts or promotions on your birthday, ranging from free ice cream to discounts on your purchases. Taking advantage of these birthday offers can make your special day even more memorable and enjoyable. Whether you’re in the mood for a sweet treat or a free beverage, be sure to check with your favorite establishments to see what they have to offer. Happy birthday! May your day be filled with joy, happiness, and lots of goodies!

5 Famous People Who Share The Same Birthday on April 27

Did you know that you share your special day with some pretty amazing people? Here are five famous individuals who were also born on April 27th:

Ulysses S. Grant

The 18th President of the United States, Grant was born in 1822 in Point Pleasant, Ohio. He was the Commanding General that led the Union Armies to victory in the Civil War. He was famous and loved the world over. His autobiography is regarded as the greatest among all the Presidents. He wrote it to raise money for his family, as he was dying of cancer. He raced to finish it just before his death.

William Moseley

Best known for his role as Peter Pevensie in the “Chronicles of Narnia” film series, Moseley was born in 1987 in Sheepscombe, England.

Jenna Coleman

An English actress, Coleman is best known for her role as Clara Oswald in the popular TV series “Doctor Who.” She was born in 1986 in Blackpool, England.

Coretta Scott King

The wife of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., Coretta Scott King was born in 1927 in Marion, Alabama. She was an American author, activist, and civil rights leader. As an advocate for African-American equality, she was a leader for the civil rights movement in the 1960s.

Casey Kasem

A legendary American radio personality and voice actor, Kasem was best known for hosting the nationally syndicated radio program “American Top 40.” He was born in 1932 in Detroit, Michigan.

What Astrology Says about April 27

According to astrology, you’re all lucky enough to be born under the sign of Taurus, aka the bull. That’s right, you’re a bunch of stubborn, bull-headed individuals who love nothing more than a good ol’ fashioned fight. Just kidding! (Or am I?)

In all seriousness, those born on April 27th are said to be practical, reliable, and hardworking. But let’s be real, what’s the fun in that? The real reason you were born on this day is because the universe knew you needed a healthy appreciation for the finer things in life. That’s right, you love nothing more than a little bit of luxury, and you’re willing to work hard to get it. I mean, who needs practicality when you can have a designer handbag, am I right?

But watch out, because you can be a little stubborn at times. It’s okay, we still love you (even if you’re making us all want to pull our hair out). Who knows? Maybe that stubborn streak is what’s going to help you achieve all your goals and dreams. So keep being your bull-headed, practical, luxury-loving selves, because the world needs a little bit of that Taurus energy to keep things interesting.

Famous Events In History April 27

If you were born on April 27th, you share your birthday with some remarkable events throughout history.


Sierra Leone gained independence from the United Kingdom.


The first multiracial elections in South Africa were held to usher in Nelson Mandela’s administration and put an end to apartheid.


The German city of Nuremberg, a key Nazi bastion, was declared captured by the Allies.


Scotland and England’s First War of Scottish Independence came to a conclusion with the signing of the Treaty of Berwick.


As the first female Speaker of the British House of Commons, Betty Boothroyd made history.

A Funny Poem for April 27th Birthdays

If you’re looking for a unique and humorous way to celebrate your April 27th birthday, why not enjoy a funny poem dedicated to your special day? This playful poem highlights some of the significant events that have occurred on April 27th throughout history, while also recognizing the true star of the show: YOU! 

Oh, it’s April 27th, a special day indeed
Filled with birthday celebrations and good deeds
A day that brings together family and friends
To celebrate the birth of those born at this end.

The weather is usually mild, with spring in full bloom
A season of new beginnings, with flowers in full bloom
Just like the personalities of those born on this date
Filled with energy, creativity, and a passion that’s great.

If you’re born on this day, your horoscope sign is Taurus
A strong and dependable zodiac, no need to be cautious
Patient, loyal, and hardworking, that’s your way
A true friend for life, someone you can always sway.

So if it’s your birthday today, make it one to remember
Surround yourself with love, joy, and laughter to render
May your year ahead be filled with blessings and success
May you continue to thrive and rise above any mess.

The Ultimate Party Destination for April 27th Celebrations

Wondering where to celebrate your upcoming April 27th birthday? Well, look no further! I’ve put together a list of the ultimate party destinations just for you. Whether you’re looking for a vibrant city with amazing restaurants and nightlife, or a beautiful destination with stunning natural scenery, there’s something on this list for everyone. Get ready to plan the perfect birthday celebration in one of these amazing locations.

New York City, New York

New York City is loved for commemorating important anniversaries because of its iconic buildings, renowned restaurants, and exciting nightlife. You want to wake up in a City That Never Sleeps!

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz and home of delectable cuisine, is a distinctive and energetic city that is ideal for a birthday party.

Austin, Texas

Austin is known for its eclectic live-music scene centered around country, blues and rock. Its many parks and lakes are popular for hiking, biking, swimming and boating. Austin is now booming with comedy. Laughter and brilliant wit is streaming in from all over the world.

Vancouver, Canada

This charming city on Canada’s west coast provides mouthwatering cuisine, gorgeous natural surroundings, and a thriving cultural scene.

Tokyo, Japan

Consider a vacation to Tokyo for a birthday that will be absolutely unforgettable. It will undoubtedly be a celebration you never forget thanks to its distinctive culture, delectable cuisine, and intriguing sights.

Holidays Observed on April 27th

Whether you’re a fan of silly traditions or just looking for an excuse to party, there’s something for everyone on this special day. So grab your party hat and let’s dive into some of the most bizarre and fun holidays celebrated on April 27th around the globe!

Freedom Day in South Africa

The first democratic elections held in South Africa on April 27, 1994, which signaled the end of apartheid and the start of a new age of freedom and democracy, are remembered by this state holiday.

King’s Day in the Netherlands

During this national holiday, street celebrations, parades, and festivals are held all throughout the nation to commemorate Koningsdag or King’s Day. A national holiday in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, celebrated on April 27, marking the birth of King Willem-Alexander. 

Independence Day in Togo

This federal holiday honors the day on April 27, 1960, when the nation gained its independence from France.

Flag Day in Moldova

This national holiday honors the adoption of the nation’s flag on April 27, 1990, amid a time of democratization and national renewal.

National Tell a Story Day in the United States

This unauthorized holiday celebrates story-telling and narrative appreciation. Today is a time to embrace the ability of stories to inspire and connect with family, friends, and coworkers.


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