Build and Upcycle Furniture

When I was a pup, I used to fall asleep on the couch watching DIY shows with my dad. It’s possible that Bob Villa built a home deep in my subconscious. Today, I’m 30 and I’m prone to bringing home from “junk” from yard sales all the time— most of which needs a lot of love (my roommate thinks I’m crazy). I often refinish it and either give it a home, gift it or sling it on Craigslist.

Have any old dressers in the garage? Old bed frames? What about a desk? You can upcycle all of these items. Refinish them and sell them. Even if you don’t have anything laying around… you can start from scratch. Yup.

It takes 30 minutes to watch a YouTube tutorial on how to build these items. It’s impossible for people to resist a piece of handmade, tailored, made to order furniture. It’s one of a kind and it’s specific to them.

Wooden Coat Racks are one of the most profitable items that are easy to make. Similar in fashion to corner wall shelves. For Christ’s sake it’s literally a triangle. Rustic Headboards are also a hot ticket item and they don’t cost a tremendous amount to make.

Photography is huge. Take great pictures of your furniture from several different angles. That way the buyer feels confident about the product and your services. You will also need that represent and sell the piece of furniture.

You’re venues should include Ebay, Etsy, OfferUp and Facebook Marketplace. You decide if you sell locally or if you’re willing to ship to a buyer. This is a decision to take into consideration. Once you’ve established a following on any of these platforms, you may decide to take your product to fairs, festivals and trade shows.

The turnover on these products is amazing. Case studies show that a dining room table could cost roughly $80 to make in your backyard, but can be resold for $1,600.00. Who needs pottery barn when you have a rusty set of tools and some vision? Show us what you can whip up. Send us your BossStories.


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