Can Airbnb Survive the Pandemic?

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly disrupted the tourism industry which Airbnb’s primary source of income, travel will recover. According to Airbnb’s Country Manager, they have seen a surge in people reserving later in the year and into next year. These are signs that travel is getting ready to return and make great contributions the nation’s economic recovery.

Moreover, in today’s situation, Airbnb has advantages over hotels that could assist in its recovery. Airbnb is a self-contained space and not a home-shared homestay. Even with strict social distancing and disinfecting measures that hotels are doing, hotels can put you in contact with many strangers. With Airbnb, it will just be with their friends or family members. As long as strict measures are implemented, the risks of contracting the disease will be lower compared to hotels.

The coronavirus has put a huge dent in the travel industry. If Airbnb can fix the issues with their hosts and guests, they’ll likely be able to survive during these trying times.


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