Here at TheBossifieds, we’re challenging you to step up your caring game. We’d like to introduce you to is a platform for caregivers of all kinds. Are you great with kids? How about the elderly? No. That’s okay. What about animals and gardens? Regardless of what your thing is, there’s a place for you to grow at

Each profile is specific to the vertical you’ll be gearing into. If you’re planning on taking care of someone’s garden, you’ll answer gardening questions. If you’re planning on caring for someone’s child you will answer questions about your child care experience. You’ll also want to be sure to include a picture of yourself.

Your profile is no place to be humble. Be sure to talk about any courses you’ve taken, any favorite activities to do with the kids, any cooking or cleaning that you may be willing to contribute to.

Community is also important. Being a caregiver can often feel like being a lone ranger. There are a variety of blogs to read with tips of the trade. There are even co-ops of sorts where multiple people can contribute. There’s Caregive Café, Caregiver Warrior Blog and The Organized Caregiver.

Most importantly, be communicative! Be polite! Even if you receive an email that says “no thanks”, be polite and thank the family for their time. You’ll always want to be sure to respond. It can just be a simple… “Received. Thank you.”.

There is a multitude of ways to get involved at So gear into one and start caring!

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