aking More Money Selling Clothes Online

So you’re ready to turn your unused clothes into extra cash? Great, but before you turn your closet inside out looking for what you can sell right now, check out these tips to get the most money out of your old wardrobe.

1. Know where to sell your clothes

YardSale days are over y’all, the internet opens up your market to more than just those in your local community & there are more places to sell your unused clothes online now, more than ever.

Each site is catered towards and used by different markets. For example, consignment sites like ThredUp, encourage the sale of everyday clothing brands from Nike to Old Navy. On the other hand, platforms Rebag specializes in selling luxury designer handbags.

For a more detailed look at the different marketplaces for you to sell your clothes online, check here.

2. Preparation is key

Presentation of your items is extremely important if you want to make more money selling your clothes. So it’s going to take a little more effort than just grabbing it out the back of your closet and snapping a few pics!

Prepare your clothes for their photoshoot by making sure they are washed, ironed and looking as new as possible. Nobody wants to buy clothes online that looks dirty or wrinkled, so give them a little attention before putting them on the market.

3. Take high quality photos

There are thousands and thousands of pictures of clothes for sale online, the best way you can stand out from the crowd and make more money is by taking high-quality photos. Here’s a list of tips to help your clothes look amazing:

  • Use good lighting: Natural lighting is always your best bet, however, you can also use editing programs to boost exposure; just make sure the colors look like they do in real life to avoid returns.
  • Clear background: Your clothes should be the subject and focus of your photos so make sure you’re using a clear and solid/plain background.
  • Get the angles: Take several pictures of your item with at least one of the front, back, close-up and any imperfections the item has. We shop online with our eyes, so the more high quality pictures, the more secure your customers will feel with their purchase.

4. Write the right description

Aside from your pictures, your description is going to be extremely important in landing a sale and making the money you want for the clothes you don’t. Here’s what you need to make your description the best it can be:

  • Title: Use relevant keywords and include the most important information on your item such as brand and size.
    Bad title: Levi Jeans XS
    Good title: 721 High Rise Skinny Jeans 24 XS Medium Wash
  • Honest description: Ensure the buyer gets all the information they need to know about the item you’re selling. What color is it? Brand? How’s the condition? What size is it? How does it fit? What material is it made of? etc. The more information you provide, the better. One way you can get help doing this is by searching your item and finding descriptions from retailers.
Follow these tips so
your buyers feel like this kitty right here 😉

5. Choose the right price

Each consignment store has different fees which you need to take into account. There’s shipping costs and fees paid to the app or website you’re selling on which you should not ignore if you want to make more profit! You can find information about each platform’s fees on their websites.

You don’t want to sell an item for $30 and then pay $15 in fees affecting your bottom line! Do your research on your item or items similar to the one you’re trying to sell so you can get a feel for how it should be priced.

If your listing isn’t getting any attention from potential buyers try dropping the price. I recommend dropping the price by $5 every month it remains on the market. Additionally, you could always try improving your photos or description of the product to entice buyers and up your chances of getting your clothes sold at the price you ask for!


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