Become a Postmates Driver!

Becoming a food delivery driver may be one of the best side hustles of 2020. You can make $14-$25 per hour and you don’t even need a car!

Let’s be honest mate, nobody really wants to go out, with their mask on (thanks coronavirus), and pick up food when all it takes is three touches of your finger to order with Postmates.

What is Postmates?

Postmates is one of the largest and most popular on-demand food delivery services, delivering everything from groceries & alcohol, to meals from your favorite restaurants. In fact, they make more than 2 million deliveries each month and they are always hiring new delivery drivers.

Given how popular Postmates is; becoming a driver means there is no shortage of jobs, so you can start delivering & making that extra cash on your own time.

So why become a Postmates driver?

‘Cause you’ll make more extra money doing it, that’s why. No but seriously, there’s many more pros to being a Postmates courier:

  • You create your own schedule – just log in to the app whenever you want to make money.
  • You don’t even need a car. You can use a bike, scooter or just walk to make deliveries.
  • It’s free & fast to sign up. There’s also no fees so you keep all the tips.
  • Choose how you want to be paid. Either get free weekly deposits or cash out instantly.
  • Earn more per delivery with “Blitz” bonuses during busy hours like lunch and dinnertime.
  • People need food, and people need to stay at home, you’re helping those in need!

How do you sign up?

Just like the job itself, signing up with Postmates is made easy and straightforward.

Click here and simply provide all required information like your age, preferred delivery area, phone number, address, etc.

Once you’re done, Postmates will verify the details provided (background check) and then send you a welcome kit. Free stuff! The welcome kit comes with your own delivery bag and a prepaid card so you can deliver food, drinks, retail from your area ASAP.

After you’re approved by Postmates, it’s only three simple steps before you get started:

1. Download the Postmates Fleet app
2. Activate the prepaid card
3. Accept deliveries & go make your money

Become a Postmates Courier today!


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