Against all odds - people can and do win.

With so much time available to take in some tube. It is our highest recommendation that you turn off the news. Quit looking at the jobs report. Hold off on pandemic freaky movies, and redirect your thoughts / mind / time / attention / and intention to the TRUE stories of a few badasses. Armed with only tenacity and relentless BOSSIFFIED mentality did the seemingly impossible. Turned nothing into something BIG!


A True story of Madam C.J. Walker. The first African American self-made millionaire.

We all have struggles. And we all have what she had beneath those struggles. Integrity and tenacity. Take this time in history to get in touch with yours!


The true story of Chris Garner, a homeless single father (salesman) who went on to absolute greatness.

“Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.”
Even yourself player.


Just a good old fashion hustler. After olympic gold dreams were smashed, she built a cool business out of thin air. Beaten down more than once. She never – ever – snitches. #Badbitches

Watch the trailer. Watch the interview with Ellen. Then watch the movie. Cocktail waitress, turned game runner, turned banker essentially. Reminds me of me: Cocktail waitress, turned sales girl, turned landlord, turned this site owner 😉

Search the internet / Amazon / Youtube / etc to view these gems. We understand that not everyone has a Netflix password to watch these. Please hit us up on Facebook private message and we will try to get you a password if you do not have. Or sign up for Netflix free trial.

Also, what movies have you seen that have incited some real inspiration? Make you want to get up and go? Please add to the comments on our FB page and share your experience. Also, know someone who always has an excuse for why they cant get it together? Forward this page – let them see that everyone has struggles but not everyone has to let them keep them down forever. We have to lift each other up friends. The GOV – sure wont do it for us.

Last But Not Least… START WATCHING SHARK TANK! There are countless Truly Moving stories of one real average person after another, with TRUE trials in this life – putting it all on the line and making something AMAZING happen.


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