Art Runs Through My Veins

Art runs through my veins. My mother, grandmother, my great grandmother; all artists. Art has always been a form of meditation for me. I can get lost in a project for hours. The real world melts away. I become a part of the piece I am working on, as I construct it from the inside out.

In the beginning, I was shy with my art. I was only comfortable sharing it with family members and close friends. I would occasionally let other people look through my portfolio, but I would have mini panic attacks on the inside. I was so afraid of judgement.

I was gently pushed in different directions by teachers and family members but often faced closed doors or passed up opportunities. I continued to draw and paint for personal pleasure through the next few years, which were riddled with drugs and alcohol. Then I got sober and got a job at a small cafe, where my boss tasked me with keeping their chalkboards up to date and colorful. Later, he had asked me to hang my art for sale on the walls of the cafe.

I started painting flowers, mountains, bees, trees. To my surprise, my paintings started selling! I was in complete shock! My co-workers encouraged me to make business cards and create a website immediately. I became the cafe’s “house artist.” They allowed me put my business cards on display.

Later, I branched out and started painting pet portraits. About a year ago I even painted my first paid mural. Soon after that, I started getting orders from people for custom art. I was a freelance artist! I had no idea this sort of thing was possible for someone like me.

The first year, I brought in an extra $2,500. It’s nearing the end of year two and I’ve brought in an extra $3,000 so far. It’s a dream come true! It doesn’t even feel like work to me and I get paid! Im easing into it, so I consider it extra income for the time being.

In all honesty, everyone out there also has the same capacity to make this happen. Just remember to keep walking the path forward. Regardless of how many closed doors you find, one will open. Persistence, perseverance, and faith in yourself you will get though. C’mon, what are you waiting for? Go be a BOSS!

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