Cream Sugar

CREAM+SUGAR is a pop-up coffee shop servicing intimate events, and selling the best damn chocolate chip cookies in Los Angeles.

The brand was created with the intention of making my open houses smell like home. I sell real estate, and I usually bake cookies for my open houses. Guests would walk in, smell the cookies, and loosen up a bit. I’d serve them coffee with cream, and guests would stay and chat. Sometimes about the cookies, sometimes about the property, sometimes about life. CREAM+SUGAR naturally evolved into a service that I have packaged for other agents to utilize, and eventually, orders from clients and random customers started to roll in.

No pressure, no diamonds.
It took a while for me to get the brand established, and there are still some kinks to sort out. Scaling a small business is hard work, especially when you’re a one-woman-team selling real estate full-time! But I love that my products help create a sense of home and build community. I’ve done some awesome events so far and met some really inspiring creatives along the way. Because of some of the conversations I’ve had with other entrepreneurs, I’ve also decided to use the brand as a platform to support causes I believe in: #FREETHENIPPLE and #NOTMILK. All in all, it’s hard work; but it’s super rewarding and I’m excited to see where this brand goes next!
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