Guy Power

Guy Power!

The walls seemed to be closing in on me. Pam and I were expecting our first child. My hours were cut at the office. I was in a real panic. I needed more income ASAP. I was borrowing money. I was lucky but this couldn’t go on. I had a friend who suggested Thumbtack. He had done it for a month, and said he was making good extra money plus he was meeting interesting people and the job was doing stuff he normally did anyway.

The next morning I signed up. The process was smooth and easy. So now I’ve been a Thumbtack guy for three months. I now have another income stream. Most important I can make my own hours which works well with my “real” job. I can work late hours or early hours. I’m also helping people. There are a lot of people for many reasons who need an “extra hand”. My first job I was nervous. I arrived at a house, and a sweet elderly woman greeted me. She needed furniture moved, new batteries in smoke alarm, and I hung a beautiful framed painting on the wall for her. I left there feeling I did a little good in the world. I also did a little good for my bank account. I’m putting more and more hours in. I challenge myself each week to see how much I can earn.

The only downside is that now when Pam asks me to do a chore, I tell her to call Takl. Seriously, I also have an incentive to learn how to do more things. I’m watching How-To YouTube videos. I realize many young people have no idea how to do the most basic household things. I’m confident this is a thriving way to make money. I’m investing in myself.


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