Etsy is a Great Place to Sell my Handmade Jewelry

Etsy ( is an awesome website. You can get the app on smart devices, too. People sell many cool things here. It includes accessories, furniture and much, much more. Everything is either handmade or vintage. So many items can be customized through Etsy sellers. I love to shop on Etsy, and I also sell my own handmade items.

I sell jewelry through my dad’s shop, Pa’s Treasures on Etsy. I make my jewelry with glass beads. Sometimes I use metal or clay beads. I use a variety of colors and shapes. The types of jewelry I make include earrings, necklaces, and many bracelets. I make all sizes, so they will fit kids and adults.

I have sold my jewelry at many places. Some of my items were for sale in the summer at a New Jersey hotel. I was at the Long Island City flea market for one season. I also sold at a few pop-up markets.

One winter, I brought my items to the Leggz Ltd. Dance holiday sale. The girls loved to buy my jewelry. And I always bring my tools with me to make repairs and to customize things for people. I am just starting to sell my jewelry at Coquette in Garden City, which sells clothes and accessories. The store has a mobile boutique and will soon open a new location.

My family inspires me. They encourage me every step of the way. I also get inspired by the beach. I have loved sea creatures since I was 2, so I love sea animal beads. My favorite beads are the sea turtle beads.

I started making jewelry when I went to a jewelry class at Woodloch Pines Resort in Pennsylvania. I tried it and I loved it. Soon after, my parents got me my first jewelry-making supplies. That is when I first started making jewelry. In the future I would like to have my own jewelry business.

This article originally appeared in Newsday, November 7th, 2017.
By Ella Puccio
Kidsday Reporter
November 7, 2017 4:58 PM


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