Earn A Little Extra With Uber

Driving Uber has been a great way to supplement my income. Driving Uber has allowed me to set my own hours, work where I wanted and essentially be my own boss. While I averaged about $15/ hour (LA) in “boost areas” I was able to earn EVEN MORE. Location is a huge factor. Also, you are able to earn extra each trip if the rider tips you. I always come equipped with my best customer service grin and a candy bowl in the backseat.

Not only is Uber a great way to earn extra cash, it is also a great networking opportunity. You never know who you’re going to meet, especially in this city. Two weeks into my Uber adventures, I ordered some business cards online with my name and phone number. They were affordable, but still professional. I’ve handed them out to the executives, comedians, and writers. I’ve come across a lot of freelance work in my creative field as a result. Somedays $15/hour is fine, but other days I feel like getting a little more out of my rideshare profit.

Honestly, it’s a no brainer. If you want to find something that will allow you to create your own schedule, work in a convenient area and create your own networking opportunities- this is it. Just try it. You’ll be sure to put some extra cash in your pockets and you might even get your feet in a few doors.

Wait – what? You don’t have Uber for your own rides? Download the Uber app here – it’s literally the best way to get around town. You can work your side hustles while you’re being driven around. It’s like being productive on top of being productive – I usually check in on my cash flow, make a call, see my next jobs while I’m getting where I need to go. Simple.

Get Uber here


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