Our Tips for Amazon Flex Success

If you’re one of the 10 million people in the U.S who filed for unemployment or if you’re just trying to make some more money on your own time, you’ve come to the right place.

Amazon Flex is one of the newer and more exciting options for those dipping into the gig economy and most drivers make $18-$25 an hour. If you don’t have the right vehicle for an option like Uber or you don’t want passengers in your car since you’re trying to practice social distancing, Amazon Flex can be just right for you.

Amazon Flex is far more, well, flexible. Drivers can choose to deliver Amazon.com orders, grocery items and food from local restaurants. You can match you vehicle to the service. If you have a van, SUV or a four-door car, you can deliver a wide range of options. Those whose vehicles meet the levels of “safe and reliable” but aren’t huge can still do services like Prime Now. In some areas, you can even deliver by bicycle!

Not only can you make great cash as a Flexer, you can make a great difference too. Delivery of items, food, etc. is an essential business right now & you can help many families get the goods they need without the stress or worry of leaving the house.

With an opportunity like this, it pays to do the little bit of extra that can help you maximize what you earn. Our tips can help you make the most extra cash in your extra time:

1. Study Up Before You Start

Amazon has a super detailed FAQ complete with relevant videos and images. Read this over thoroughly before signing up and showing up for your first pick up. Making sure that you understand everything that will happen means a smoother day for you and happier customers for you and Amazon both.

2. Dress For Success

One of the coolest things about being a gig worker is being your own boss. While there is no uniform and Amazon goes out of their way to tell you that you can wear what you want during delivery, this is an area where you can distinguish yourself easily. Pick neat and professional clothing to make customers comfortable with you knocking on their doors and coming into their buildings.

3. Get Those Tips

Amazon Flex workers keep 100% of the tips that they receive. Provide prompt and courteous service every time to keep those numbers high. Think about the sort of things that make you happier to part with a few bucks for a friendly server or delivery driver. Whether it’s going out of their way for you or offering super fast service, giving the same service to your customers can increase your earnings, too.

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It can take time to hit your stride. Keeping these in mind can help you maximize your hourly earnings while enjoying all the freedom the gig economy has to offer.


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