Earn While You Learn With Audio Books

Being a Boss isn’t only about making your own hours and making a ton of money. It also can mean being an expert in your field, or a having a wealth of information in general. Thats where easy access to audio books can be clutch AF. Also, not to go toooo far down the psyche wormhole – but the more information you add to your consciousness and subconscious…. The more access to variation you have (more info = more outcomes. How do I know this? I went to school for hypnotherapy and I am obsessed with consciousness and this hot neuroscientist Sam Harris) more outcomes meaning more income is the connection I am shooting for here team. Stay with me 😉

Did you know most CEO’s read an average of 50 of books per year? I know, I felt bad when I heard that too, because I realized I was way short of that. Like way! Thank Gosh for Audible / Audio Books!

Then I found Audible. This is amazing, especially as an add on to driving for various apps. Essentially, I get to “Read” while getting paid by any of the Uber / Lyft / Postmates of the world. A boss is a multitasker. So in my case – earning while I’m learning (dang – should have been a rapper)

It’s imperative, if you want something different, you have to do something different. Now, when I’m driving for any of the sharing economy gigs, I am not only making money but I am learning new cool shit! #WINNING

“Read” more, learn more, study more, expand your mind, EXPAND YOUR BANK ACCOUNT!

Looking for a deal? Sign up for a free trial today and get your first audio book free!

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