Become a Hero & Get Paid with DoorDash

There’s no doubt about it, coronavirus has swept the world by storm; forcing millions of people to stay at home, and away from their favorite restaurants.

During these weird times, people need something to look forward to other than the next episode on Netflix. Well, everyone gets hungry, and there’s a way that you can help them get the food they crave, while getting paid. It’s a win-win!

Become a Dasher! Serve your community in their time of need and earn between $15-$25 an hour delivering happiness to their front door.

Door Dash was created to help make life easier (and boy, could life be easier for all of us right now). Door dashers are dashing around 30 major cities and Door Dash isn’t slowing their roll. They plan on keeping the gig economy growing. As of now they are partnered with hundreds of restaurants but may be expanding in other spaces in the future; so everyone can still get their favorite meals in the comfort of their own home.
So how easy is it to become a Door Dasher? Super easy. The sign -up process is simple.
Door Dash has a few requirements:

• You must be 18 years or older
• Driver’s license with at least one year of driving experience
• Have access to a vehicle or bicycle
• Any car, truck, motorcycle, or scooter
• Own an iPhone or Android smartphone
• Valid insurance — Provide Proof of Policy
• Pass a background and driving record check
• Complete an orientation online or in person

Start delivering for Door Dash Today!

What is unique about this particular gig app, is that they allow you to schedule when you will want to drive ahead of time. This helps to ensure supply & demand. Meaning, they schedule the right amount of Dasher’s so that everyone stays busy. This is different than say Postmates, that could potentially have ALL the drivers on at the same time, making the amount of deliveries less for you!

Too hungry to drive and deliver food? Want your own hot, tasty food in minutes? Then sign up to get DoorDash and get all of your delicious favorites delivered to your door. The App is free, and delivery is fast. DoorDash – delivering good vibes, good moments, and great food.


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