I Made $35 / Day Traveling To Tulum!

So here is my current status. I just made $105 bucks traveling to Tulum. Here’s how. I decided to actually move into my Airbnb. Hear me out. I actually made a video explaining the logic. {Click here} But the gist is, I wanted to travel more, work on this blog site, and be the change that I know is possible for people on this planet. To use the sharing economy as bridge income to fund cooler endeavors.

Anywho, what I did was secure all my personal belongings (which isn’t much when you start downsizing and un-cluttering your life #likeaboss ) Also, when I get down to it, my stuff isn’t all that important. Except: the shoes, jewelry, pics, ashes (RIP MAMMA), and clothes. Which are easily locked down or put in the attic.

Reminder while I own this house and live in the guesthouse, the same principles apply if you own a house with multiple bedrooms or you are renting a studio apartment.

I rented out my place on Airbnb from May 10th-17th for $62.00 / night (after fees)


I then went to Tulum Mexico, stayed in the jungle, wrote this article on the beach, stretched in the sand, and only paid $28.00 / night on airbnb as a traveler. (And have the pictures to prove it!) I made $34 / day just going on vacation. You get it?

Ever think, “Oh we can’t afford to go away?” No, you can, if you start getting crafty and opening your mind to an alternative concept, “I travel often. There is always a way.” (the “always a way” mindset is part of hacking the matrix – just, so you know.)

I have heard of people in the North East Vermont and such, renting their perfectly Christmas – ish, snowy homes for $16,000 for two weeks…. Going on a vacation that week for $2000 elsewhere, and then making enough money to pay a year’s worth of property taxes. I’m not suggesting you have to have a cabin in the woods to make this happen. You can get away with a studio apartment near Universal Studios – rent it out for $600 for the weekend…. And go to Vegas same weekend, book a room on Airbnb for $500 and BOOM! $100 bucks on black!

Or you live anywhere near a beach city – you don’t even have to be ON THE BEACH. People from other states want to come to yours. All you have to do is list your space on Airbnb – then choose a destination that you can travel and stay for the same price you are renting your space on Airbnb.

Then for those super hustlers… think about this: So you say you don’t have a room you can rent – no matter how you slice it. That’s ok, you just have to sell the idea to your friend who has a desirable spare bedroom / den / garage / guesthouse / yurt / etc. Get them to rent their place out – and let them sleep at your house for half the money. Little side hustle if you got it in you. Save the money… and you two eventually get outta town. Or buy some shoes, whatever you’re into 😉

Any geographic place has something hot going on, whether it be a concert, a season, a theme park, a beach, a job interview. Begin to capitalize on your cities charm. So long as you staycay somewhere with a lower cost of living you stand to travel for free or even make a profit in the process.

You Should Share This Article With Your Friends That:
A: Complain about having no extra money
B. Hava a cool space / apartment / garage / den / Airstream etc
C. You want to travel with – you guys put your brains together with your current living situation and see which or both make the most sense to List On Airbnb
D. Your cool friend that is open minded. That together you can dream big and tell the Universe – “Yup, we are doing this now!” and whatever it is – comes to fruition.


Boss Tip #1

First, Even if your funds are limited and you can’t think of how or when you could ever get away it’s imperative you sign up for an Airbnb account as a traveler and make a profile. It will get you seeing the super amazing places out there that a person could even imagine to visit…. This exercise begins to open your mind. Tells the Universe, “hey, I’m open to seeing some new things” Whoever you are reading this – you are just as deserving of the next guy to stay in some weird elf dome home, or fishing cabin if that’s your choice.

Boss Tip #2

GET YOUR PASSPORT!  It is my belief (and experience) that a passport is the key to the world – to a free life. Let me tell you why. With NO PASSPORT… a person is saying to themselves and the world around them, “I won’t see more than the US, anytime soon.”  Or if a friend hit the lottery and wants to take you around the world.  You.  Can’t.  Go.  You have just taken quite a many opportunities for adventure, right off the table.

You my friend, have become a prisoner of the state(s)

Rest assure how you do one thing is how you do EVERYTHING. Not only are you a prisoner of the continent, but prisoner to your limited thoughts, ideas, beliefs and preconceived judgments. These are the same ideas / thoughts / concepts that have you earning what you’re earning and stuck in the ways you are stuck and not seeing the world. Want to get unstuck? Start with the passport. Just have it.
A passport is a symbolic message to the Universe saying, “Yes.  If someone asks, I am ready to jet out to Europe.  Anytime.  Nothing could stop me!”  This is one of the first steps of freeing your mind and beginning to be open to a BOSS LIFE.

PS:  I literally met myself in the future!  Fire/Aries/TulumLover/Badbitch.  Pretty Cool


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