Lyft Driver

Have you ever wanted to take control of your life?

I did. I wanted to be independent, set my own goals and not answer to anyone. Thank goodness for the sharing economy we now live in. Lyft was just the lift I needed from the doldrums of the day. But first I had to figure out if this ridesharing service was even available to me.


I did some research and it took me just a few minutes to learn I was in fact within a service area for picking up and dropping off passengers. As a woman driver in the small city of Sioux Falls, I was shocked. Hearing about Lyft was nothing short of a miracle.

Wait, but what about my car? I drive a 2006 Honda Civic, not exactly the roomiest of autos. Turns out there is a market for compact cars, and I was a perfect fit to provide this service. My car is a gas saver so I can make more money per mile in comparison to those oversized SUVs.

The coolest part is I get to work when I want to. No more setting my alarm clock at the ungodly hour of 5 am in order to be stuck in a cubicle from 7 to 3. Instead, I get to work a night shift, evening shift, or midday shift. I can work any shift I want.

Work on your own time, from your car. Drive with Lyft!

Regardless of what time I choose to drive, I get to drive interesting people around like travelers to hotels or business executives to airports. Lyft offers a 24/7 phone support program to give advice while I am out on the road.

If only I could have learned about the Lyft driver program sooner, I could have bypassed some of the more “conforming” times in my life when I bit the bullet and accepted a job I didn’t want. I love Lyft and would recommend it to anyone that wants to make money on their own terms!


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