Host International Student’s And Make The Most

Host International Student's And Make The Most

Want to become more cultured, meet inspiring individuals and earn some extra money? Yeah, we thought you might. There are many organizations that arrange international student housing. These organizations match international students with homestays in the United States. Everyone should have an opportunity for a positive education experience in the United States. You can help provide that. If hosting a young adult doesn’t sound too appealing to you, you can also host professors.

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To get started, you just fill out an application. After you fill out an application, you’ll receive a phone call from their staff to schedule an in-home visit with a Field Representative. During this home visit, you’ll be asked questions and also have an opportunity to ask your own questions. They will then match you based on your profiles. You will have an opportunity to tell them if you’re interested or not.

The best part of this opportunity is the ability to make a meaningful impact on someone’s life. We asked one of our own 40-year-old Boss Babes, what benefits she received being hosted as a young college student. She said:

  • I developed a stronger empathy towards others seeing the world from alternative viewpoints
  • I gained stronger self confidence as it is scary to travel on your own, but you develop self sufficiency that will carry throughout your entire life
  • Studying abroad created more career opportunities as employers look at young people who have traveled as being more tenacious and self supporting

Being a host essentially allows you to facilitate this amazing life experience for others (while getting paid!)

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Let’s talk about compensation! Depending on your location, you can earn up to $200/week per student. The students stay can stay from six weeks to about six months. The check will be issued and sent to you 5-7 days before the student arrives. Get paid in your sleep and get cultured. In world that is so divided, we need as many people to promote unity as possible.

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