With influencer marketing on the rise and brands pouring money into it, making extra cash has become easier. If you’re looking to earn on the side, paid online surveys can be your ticket.

You’re curious about making money from surveys? Fantastic, we’ve got your back! Legit survey sites are your path to some extra dough. But not all survey sites are created equal, and some are more profitable than others.

We’ve done our homework to find the top survey sites for earning real money. These are the ones Millennial Money stands behind.

Take the National Consumer Panel, for instance. They’re the real deal, rewarding you for scanning your grocery barcodes. And they’re not just any company – they’ve bagged the Best Companies to Work for Award from New York State for three years in a row, starting in 2017. In case you’re new to this, they’re a market research company born from a partnership between two U.S.-based firms, IRi and Nielsen. Their focus? Getting insights from consumers like you.

Unlocking Rewards with NCP

With NCP, each week of your participation adds up to reward points, which you can swap for gift cards and a wide range of merchandise. Plus, there are extra incentives for engaging in surveys and special programs, so the more you join in, the more you earn!

Being a regular panelist also brings chances to enter exclusive sweepstakes. Think quarterly $5,000 Cash Giveaway – just for being part of NCP!

Surveys are your voice in this panel. They earn you reward points, sweepstakes entries, and other nifty prizes.

What can you win? Points, gift cards, and cash – the more you get involved, the more points you pocket!

Remember, some surveys will help you pile up points faster. Plus, being in the program might score you discounts from retailers like AT&T.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Start by signing up and downloading the app from this page.
  1. Once you’re in, the company will review your info. When there’s a spot in the panel that matches your profile, they’ll reach out, letting you know you’re in. Your voice matters!



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