Making Cash with Man's Best Friend

I love dogs and I would walk my friend’s dogs for a few bucks here and there, but never really looked at it as an income source. Then I saw WAG. With enthusiastic dog walkers in over 50 major cities, I knew that I could make some cash while being with the best friends possible, man’s best friend!

So I became one of them. I recently went on a vacation that cost me a pretty penny. I saw an ad to become WAG Walker and knew it could be the solution to help me restore the money that I spent. Not only that — it could also help me save for my future vacations.

The company launched in 2015 with a millions of dollars from venture capitalists backing them. It’s the UBER of dog walking. All I did was submit my application and WAG got in touch with me immediately to walk me through the process. I attended an orientation with about 20 other future wag walkers. It felt great to be a part of a community of people that were there to help our furry friends have the best life possible.

Once WAG completed my background check, it was WALK time. I was notified of all the new walks near my home. If the walk is a good fit, I then hit “request” – Wag then replies to me within minutes to confirm. The app is so easy to use! The Wag support has also been great. They have been available via text or phone any time I’ve had any questions.

I get to meet and walk all different breeds. To name a few, I’ve walked an Australian cattle dog, a German Shepard, a Saint Bernard, a Boxer and even a Wolf Dog! I have so much fun, and I get my exercise. All while I’m saving up for my next vacation;)

This is another way I can feel like a Boss. WAG is yet another innovative way for people to provide their services, make money and keep their freedom.


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