Peerspace: Extra Dough When You Are On The Go

We Make Money IN Our Office and WITH Our Office

A few years ago, I entered this business venture with my friend from college and we rented a sweet little office together. It’s on the eighth floor of a Class A building in Los Angeles, with views of the Santa Monica Mountains. With two other employees, we knew we needed a space with a conference room, separate offices, and a kitchen. We hosted clients frequently and wanted to wow them, so we hired a designer to help with aesthetics when we moved in.

Here we are in 2017 and our business has outgrown the space. So has technology. We now telecommute three days per week and there aren’t more than a few days per month that we’re all in the office at the same time. It’s a gorgeous, stylish office – with a stocked bar, sofas, flat screen TV’s, and the like – that is underutilized. That’s when my friend put me on to Peerspace.

Peerspace is perfect for our office lives. We’ve been able to list our space for anywhere from $200-$300/hour. One month we cleared $5,000, which looked great on the balance sheet.

Earn $5,000 or more in a month renting your space on Peerspace!

How does Peerspace work?

First, you create a listing. Simple enough – it’s like a dating profile for your space. Description, pics, interesting features, availability, pricing, etc. You can check pricing in the area to make sure your prices are what you want and that’s it! You’re listed on Peerspace!

Next, you receive inquiries. All guests are qualified and screened, and when a request is submitted, you can respond and accept bookings while viewing the profile. Peerspace has a concierge team that liaises between the guests and renters to ensure the transaction is smooth.

After the booking concludes, you and your guest review of each other and the payment is deposited directly to your account. Pretty sweet, and very easy – getting paid to not be at work is pretty awesome.

So how do I know it’s safe? Peerspace provides insurance custom built for short-term use so that hosts receive unprecedented protection. Every booking made on Peerspace includes liability coverage up to $1,000,000. That way I feel secure in case anything should go wrong. So far, so good – and I actually have less of a reason to go to the office, and I make MORE money than I made during the first two years I was open for business.

So yeah, Peerspace is an incredible way to earn, and we love it.


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