Hustle – The Most Important Word Ever

Don’t tell her I told you, but our CEO has a massive boner for Gary V. She says he’s the truth, the way and the light. I’m a pretty loyal member of the Vayner Nation myself. Here at TheBossifieds, we are a group of people that are get sh*t done. We are a gang of wide-eyed, risk-taking, optimistic go-getters. We love our lives. We know a little bit about financial freedom. We want to share this mentality with the masses. “Like attracts like” or “game recognize game”… whatever. Naturally, we bumped into Gary Vee.

Some people are born Bossified. The rest of us have a baby boss, deep down… hibernating or something. What it’s waiting for? We don’t know. It could be some sort of internal alarm clock, a great idea, an ugly heartbreak or a final straw. If your reading this, your sleeping beauty boss just woke up. He/she has decided it’s time to jump in the shower and start shaking sh*t up! Get pumped! Get money! Get free! If you don’t know where to start, we’ll help you. If you want to make money whenever the hell you want, it’s time to flex that hustle muscle player. It’s ’bout time you got Bossified.




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