Dusted Off the ol' SLR Camera

Five years ago I dusted off an old SLR camera I had in the closet and went to a gathering with friends. I snapped a photo of a child running and playing in the yard and sent it to the parents – they loved it!

At that moment I had a feeling of satisfaction that I had never experienced before. My friend asked my if I was a pro photographer and I assured him that I was not. However, the feeling I got from capturing that beautiful moment, sharing it with that family, and seeing how much it meant to them was inspiring. I began shooting portraits as much as I could and quickly realized that I did indeed have an eye and a knack for making people comfortable.

At that time, my sales job was not making me enough to provide basic needs so I set out building a photography website and sharing my work. Slowly I began to hired to shoot headshots, engagements, events, instagrammers, etc. and continued to build my portfolio. Now, I have a studio, many cameras, gear, and am able to more than supplement my life by doing something I truly love. I am now a freelance photographer and have the freedom to continue to follow all my creative dreams.


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