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When I turned 10, my mom used to leave me at home with my baby brother to babysit. I hated it. It’s not that I didn’t like having the responsibility, it’s just that Mason annoyed me. He was four years old and was just…grrrr. I get so worked up just thinking about him pulling my hair and running around knocking things over and leaving his toys all over the place…but it taught me responsibility (thanks, mom!) and honestly it was nice to have money. When I turned 14, my mom’s friends were interested in hiring somebody they could trust to watch their kids. By then, I figured out my tactics for bedtime, games for tykes of all ages and how to discipline without being naggy. I’ll admit it, I was a natural. And now that I was older, the pay was even better. Now that I’m 24 and still like to put a few extra dollars in my pocket, so I’ll still baby sit every now and then on those instances I’m free on Friday or Saturday night (a little too often, I must admit) but one of the parents I babysat for mentioned SitterCity and my ears perked up.

At first, I thought it would just be jobs for an after school sitter or the same ol’ Friday/Saturday night. But it turns out, I can pretty much work whenever I want as people in my neighborhood need sitters ALL. THE. TIME. Some moms have contacted me for a Monday morning gig just so they can go grocery shopping and to yoga class. That’s a quick fifty bucks before noon! I just apply for a job today and watch the offers roll in. I’m pretty flexible, so I can meet most family’s needs, whether it be before and after-school care, a mother’s helper, an overnight babysitter, or a reliable go-to sitter for date nights and more. SitterCity makes it happen with their easy-to-use, straightforward website.

Also – I took a weekend course on CPR and first aid training – that really helped me qualify for even more jobs, including as a babysitter for a newborn. SitterCity does a quick background check and though I have more than my share of parking tickets, I am otherwise a law-abiding citizen so this was no problem. It helps me get more jobs, and the parents trust me more. SitterCity also has you fill out your own experience and profile so the parents can get to know you better. There’s a messaging feature on the site, you set up a couple calls so the parents can get to know you, figure out your rate, and off you go. Easy peasy.

They also have a huge need for nannies. I see a ton of listings, but because I’m trying to go back to school I can’t make the full commitment, but the pay is awesome. Generally babysitters are hired occasionally for a few hours at a time. The line can be blurry though. Someone who meets kids and stays for a few hours after school may also be considered a babysitter, but some might consider that a nanny if they work on a regular schedule. It’s good to have a bench of a few babysitters that you know and trust. SitterCity will tell you which is right for you and you can make the decision yourself.

How much do I charge? I looked up my state on Sittercity’s rate calculator, and know that with my experience, referrals, and rating, the parents paying a dollar or two more could make a big difference in hiring the right babysitter. And that’s me. And that’s more money in my pocket.

Join SitterCity Today and make money doing what you love!

But what about when YOUR little angel needs somebody to watch him or her? SitterCity is the best resource for that also. They let you post your job – babysit, nanny, tutor – for free and review responses in real-time. The service is awesome; every candidate has passed a background check and is qualified, and is in your area – you can even check referrals. Need somebody so you and the SO can go on a date night? Have a late shift you want to pick up at work to get some cash? Check out SitterCity today and find the right Sitter for your little munchkin!


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