You Can Make Money Writing

I wanted to be a journalist when I grew up. I wrote for my high school newspaper, I even interned at the local paper when I went to Junior College. But I always needed to pay bills – and who even reads a newspaper now anyway? – so I never really pursued writing. Then I find out that WriterAccess pays writers like me by the word!

I mean, I had the itch. I still do. I had a blog about food, I still have an active Yelp account – just to scratch that itch, and find any excuse to get to writing again. For me, it helps me express myself, and it’s fun. It’s led to many a ‘way too long’ email, but it also helped me feel that I was exercising my brain and even honing my craft. But at 35 years old, I knew better than to expect to make a living. What I didn’t expect though, that I welcomed with open arms (and happy fingers) was WriterAccess.

I make $150/week on WriterAccess just by freelancing for a couple hours at a time!!! One week I made $450, and my wife and I were stoked (sushi night!).

So how does it work? Check this out – based on my blog and a couple other posts I’d done elsewhere, I had a little network of blogger friends that told me I can apply to get paid to write as a freelancer. I could write, I could edit, or I could even plan strategy. They also have a service for translators -but I’m still practicing Duolingo so I have a long way to go on my Spanish before I can apply for that, ha!

Seriously, I filled out the one page application and attached a few links to my blog and stuff I’d written. I linked my Facebook and LinkedIn (that’s optional, but I figure my professional experience looked good – and it helps me charge more, too!) and within one day, they told me I could get to work.

Once accepted, I picked and chose the types of projects I wanted to write based on the genre (for me, sports and food were tops but they offer finance, fashion, tech, pets, even agriculture. Seriously. There are about 50 categories. Then I set the ‘specialty’ – for me it’s blogs – but technical writers (I should have pursued that science degree) get paid the most. You can also request projects based on location.

I write a personal statement and they compensate me by the word. That means if I write a 500-word piece, which takes me about two hours, I can earn more than 50 bucks on a single project.

Basically, I have fun while I write, and I get paid to do it, too. WriterAccess is such a cool tool to have in my back pocket so I can write when I want – and I get to pick, or reject, the projects as well. Sometimes it’s right in my writing wheelhouse, sometimes I get to learn about new topics, but it’s always what I want to write about. And I’m getting paid.

WriterAccess is an awesome way to get paid to use my brain.

Okay so what if you need somebody to write for you? You don’t have time, you don’t have the patience, or TBH, like me, you just aren’t a great writer. Just hire a writer with Writer Access pronto! Writer Access offers a 30-day program risk-free, so you can review writers, projects, and their work without paying a penny. I’ve used it to write powerpoint presentations for work (shh!!!) and it’s awesome. Saves me overtime and working nights/weekends. Sign up today and get that pesky project off your desk. Hire a Writer Access writer today!


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