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Once upon a time, the only way you could make money from your stuff was to sell it on sites like eBay and Craigslist. Then came the sharing economy and our lives got better for it. You’ve probably stayed at an Air BnB and you probably wondered to yourself, “Hey, I could do this!” Yeah friend, you definitely could. In the right scenario you can make some nice side scratch and save for a trip or just buy a few extra rounds on Saturday night. Either way there are some important things to know if you’re going to dive into the world of the sharing economy?

Everyone talks about the sharing economy; today you can rent your car, rent your house or just your room, you can even rent your parking space. It’s like you are basically renting your life! So, if you can rent out all your personal belongings, then why don’t you rent out your personal knowledge? What does that mean!??! Maybe you don’t really understand what I mean by renting your knowledge so let me start from the scratch…

The Industry is Growing Rapidly, So There’s Something For Everybody
Pioneers of the sharing economy like Airbnb and Uber have become so popular that we’ve turned them into verbs, but they are far from the only ones out there. Last year, there were 17 billion-dollar companies using the sharing economy business model. So you can definitely make money by letting people use your belongings even if you’re not cool with a stranger sleeping over or driving them around. You can earn cash by pet-sitting for people with DogVacay, or if you have some time to kill, Task Rabbit can set you up to perform services people don’t want to do themselves, like painting an apartment, putting up shelves, and assembling furniture. There are even low maintenance ways to join in, like letting people use your parking space through Just Park or your Wi-Fi with Fon.

It’s Essentially Like Running Your Own Business
Sharing economy companies absorb a lot of the overhead costs you would incur or the time you would have to dedicate to launching if you decided any of this on your own. You don’t have to pay for advertising, there’s very little paperwork to fill out, you don’t have to research any laws or regulations in your city, but you get the benefit of being an entrepreneur. You decide your prices and your hours, which means you have a lot of control over how much money you can make and how often you want to deprive yourself of your stuff. It’s a pretty great way to get a side hustle moving.

By definition – the sharing economy is renting everything you own (house, belongings, room, etc.) and deciding the amount you want it to people around the world. Once you understand the definition of a sharing economy, renting out your knowledge starts to make sense, right?

So, the sharing economy is also renting your knowledge, skill or hobby to people around the world.

What does it mean?
That each and every one of us has talent, knowledge, skill or something that we are good at and know how to do (Yes, making an omelet is also a talent…) and we can sell our knowledge or talent to people around the world at the price and time we set.

It’s time for you to make all the decisions, it’s time for you to be your own boss!

Sounds easy, right!?
So, it does not just sound easy, it is! No need for a degree, a diploma, you don’t need to have a house, a room or a car to rent – all you need is your knowledge!

So, you’re convinced and you want to know how to do it…
We can help you there, meet this is a site that encourages the sharing economy method by selling your knowledge, talent, and skill.

You can increase your income without leaving your job or if you are in between jobs it can be a great source of income for you, just make money by renting your knowledge, talent, or skill to people around the world in live video chat.

Make Sure You Understand Your Legal Relationship to Sharing Economy Companies
Even though you’re using sharing economy companies to make money, you’re not an employee. (It’s in those terms we never read when we click “I Accept.”) Because of those benefits like deciding when you want to work and setting your own rates, you’re actually an independent contractor, and it’s important to know the difference. You won’t get the employment benefits that you’re used to from your full-time job, and you will probably have to incur the costs for the upkeep of what you offer, or any improvements you make. For example, Uber drivers have to pay for repairs and maintenance of their cars. Depending on the sharing economy sector, though, the company may pay for certain safety measures. Businesses that help you lend your cars to others will add additional insurance coverage, and Airbnb provides coverage for liability and accidental damage for hosts.

In conclusion:

  • We are all looking to increase our income / make more money and we rent or sell our personal things for that, so why not rent our knowledge, talent, or skill.
  • It’s something that all of us have and it’s always with us, you do not have to be somewhere to do it – you can do it anywhere and anytime.
  • You will earn the money you need to buy what you need, to travel where you want or to you can save that money – it’s yours!
  • There’s nothing more simple than that and it’s always fun doing what you love and getting paid for it!


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